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Craving Change®: [Ontario] 4-week series with Jaime Anderson & Cindy Dodsworth

Craving Change®: [Ontario] 4-week series with Jaime Anderson & Cindy Dodsworth

Have you ever said: “I know what to eat, but I just can’t seem to do it” “I want to feel more in control of my eating” “I have no will power” If any of the above statements sound familiar, you are not alone! Many of us know what to eat, but struggle to put this knowledge into action. Have you ever wondered WHY? Lack of willpower or motivation are not to blame! There are many factors, both internal and external, that challenge our ability to control what we eat. Craving Change™ will help you understand WHY you make certain food choices and HOW to address problematic eating habits! Discover why: • You’d rather eat the carrot cake than the carrot • You go to buy milk and leave with $80 worth of groceries • Chocolate and fast foods are your ‘go-to’ solutions when you feel stressed • You crave certain foods at certain times • You keep eating when you know you’ve had enough • You know what to eat, but have trouble making healthy choices • You’ve made positive changes to your eating but then gone back to less healthy habits Join us for this 4-week interactive, practical, skill-based program. The first 3 sessions focus on building your skills and the 4th session is a virtual grocery store tour to help you apply those skills. All you need is your mind! That’s because it’s our thinking habits that guide our eating habits. Curious whether this program is a good fit for you? Call us directly for a free 15 minute conversation before signing up! Jaime: 289-776-9537 Cindy: 519-551-4493

Dietitian: Jaime Anderson
First of 4 sessions:
10:30am-12:00pm EST
Saturday, January 22, 2022