Baby At the Table with Free Food Demonstration

7:00pm-8:00pm EDT, Thursday, March 30, 2023

Dietitians:  Emilia Heiman, Sarah Jean-Noel

Neck deep in dirty diapers and sleep deprived, but one look at your baby and you know you’d give them the world. They’re growing up so fast, and you want the best for them. But with all the chaos around, you have no idea how to keep up and start your baby on healthy, yummy solid foods? Well Emilia and Sarah are here to help!

Join Registered Dietitians Emilia Heiman & Sarah Jean-Noel in collaboration with in preparing Simple Steak & Potato Skillet Dinner and Spiced Prune and Beef Burger for both your family and baby! This “Baby at the Table” webinar will help you navigate the world of starting your baby on solid foods, and walk you through these easy, nutritious, and delicious go-to recipes. These recipes were formulated by with essential nutrients for your baby like iron, and will have your baby cooing for more in no time!

View, download, print or order your complimentary Baby at the Table recipe booklet at:

For more information, contact Emilia Heiman or Sarah Jean-Noel by email or phone:

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