9:30am-11:00am EDT, Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Dietitians:  Ann Marion Willis, Danielle Farrell

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Ann Marion Willis, RD

A dietitian since 2013, Ann Marion is passionate about helping people enjoy delicious food while reaching their health goals and improving their relationship with their body.

A mom of two, Ann Marion particularly enjoys working with women in all stages of life, whether they are planning their first pregnancy, feeding a growing family, or moving into menopause.

Areas of practice include but are not limited to: nutrition for fertility, prenatal nutrition, gestational and type 2 diabetes management, polycystic ovary syndrome, anti-inflammatory eating, and infant feeding.

Ann Marion welcomes all inquiries and encourages you to book a free discovery call to learn more about working with her.

Ann Marion Willis

Danielle Farrell, RD

In 2013 Danielle became a Registered Dietitian. She has a passion for helping people achieve their health and wellness goals, while enjoying food, and finding their own personal balance. A true food lover, Danielle is most comfortable in the kitchen! She believes that healthy eating starts with great tasting food, and can often be found trying new recipes and experimenting with ingredients.

Danielle has a special interest in Infant and Child Nutrition (including introducing solids, picky eating and more!). Other areas of practice include but are not limited to: Prenatal Nutrition, Diabetes Management, Heart Health, Family Meal Planning, and General Healthy Eating.

Danielle  Farrell

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