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Craving Change ®: Ontario 4-week series with Rachel and Diana

Craving Change ®: Ontario 4-week series with Rachel and Diana

Do you want to improve what, when or how much you eat? Have a healthier relationship with food! Discover why: • You’d rather eat the carrot cake than the carrot • You go to buy milk and leave with $80 worth of groceries • Chocolate and fast foods are your ‘go-to’ solutions when you feel stressed • You crave certain foods at certain times • You keep eating when you know you’ve had enough • You know what to eat, but have trouble making healthy choices • You’ve made positive changes to your eating but then gone back to less healthy habits Join us for this 4-week interactive, practical, skill-based program. The first 3 sessions focus on building your skills and the 4th session is a virtual grocery store tour to help you apply those skills. All you need is your mind! That’s because it’s our thinking habits that guide our eating habits.

Diététiste : Diana Sutherland
Première de 4 Séances:
17h30 à 19h00 EST
lundi 22 novembre 2021