Frequently asked questions

To register for a webinar session, simply click on the webinar session and click the button, “Register for this Webinar.” All webinar sessions that you register for will be saved and can be accessed by clicking on the, “My Webinars” tab in the main menu.
To log in to the webinar session, simply log in with your user account and click on, “My Webinars” in the main menu. Next, click on the, “My Upcoming Webinars” tab and it will show all upcoming webinars that you have registered for. Webinars that are currently live will be shown under the “LIVE NOW” tab.
The cost of a webinar session varies in price. We offer both paid and free webinar sessions, and all webinars that require a payment are $20. All prices are displayed in the description of the webinar.
The webinar sessions vary in length. Webinars that require payment are 60 min, while free webinars are between 20-30 min in length. The times of each webinar are displayed in the description of the webinar.
We ask that you please log-in to the webinar session just a couple of minutes before it begins to leave enough time to troubleshoot any connection issues.